There are so many types of CBD products on the market that it is easy to be confused about which product is the most suitable for you. Knowing the best CBD product to buy comes with experience. With that said, the goal of this article is to make the quest easier by telling you about the pros and cons of each type of CBD product.

CBD Capsules: CBD capsules are one of the most popular CBD products. They come in capsule form and can be taken with water. 


CBD capsules are very convenient and discreet to use. You can use them like any other capsule.

Another advantage of using CBD capsule is that each capsule contains a specific amount of CBD and hence there are lower chances of overdoing.


CBD capsule have low bioavailability. This implies that it takes a long time for you to start feeling the effects when you take CBD capsule.


CBD tinctures are also quite popular. Again, they are not very different from other types of tinctures out there.


The advantage of using CBD tinctures is that it is is very easy to administer. Also, you can measure the amount of CBD that you are putting into your body.


While each CBD capsule contains a specific amount of CBD, the same cannot be said about tinctures. If you are not conversant with tinctures, it can be difficult to determine how many drops to take. This is why it is advisable to consult with your doctor before using CBD.

Creams and lotions: Most people who want to enjoy the skincare benefits of CBD or use it for muscle pain prefer creams and lotions.


One of the biggest advantages of CBD creams and lotions is that it provides instant relief to an affected area.


Applying creams and lotion is always messy especially when you are on-the-go. Not to mention that you will always have to deal with the inconvenience of washing your hands after every time you apply the cream.


Vaping CBD e-liquids and concentrate is another popular way of administering this compound.


The advantage of vaping CBD is that it has a high bioavailablity.


Vaping CBD requires you to buy a vaping device which can be quite expensive and tricky for those who know nothing about how e-cigs work.