Although the hemp plant has been known for thousands of years, the CBD industry is relatively new thanks to the decades-long law restricting the use of the plant. However, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and use of hemp as well as hemp products. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, scores of CBD brands and products have sprung up on the market. While the CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace, the legal and regulatory framework is yet to catch up with it. Currently, the CBD industry is largely unregulated. Despite the purported potential health benefits of CBD, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved only one CBD-based medication.

The fact that there is very little (if any) regulatory oversight over the CBD industry means that CBD companies do not have authorities looking over their shoulders and ensuring they are putting users first. As a result, many CBD companies are cutting corners in the quest to rake in more profit. Some companies outsource the manufacturing of their products to private label manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. For many of these white label manufacturers, the goal is not to produce premium products but to make as many products as they can while cutting costs. This translates to low-quality products. With this in mind, news of products with synthetic CBD causing harm to people makes a lot of sense.

As a buyer, you must pay extra attention to the brand that you buy from. You must choose only trustworthy brands that make top-shelf products. One of these brands is SunJoined. Now, this Kentucky-based company is not just your ordinary CBD brand. SunJoined exists to help small scale farmers and other players in the CBD industry to stay competitive and profitable. The company was founded in 2019 as a network of small scale farmers, distributors, processors, and manufacturers. The goal of the network is collaboration. By working with one another, these small scale players are able to increase their chances of competing with the bigger players. SunJoined does not only provide a platform for farmers to share knowledge and technical know-how with one another, but the company also supplies them with seeds of the best hemp varieties and allows them to consult with its Chief Grower Joel Williams.

But that’s not all what SunJoined does. SunJoined also makes its own top-shelf CBD products by working with the people in its network. The company sources the hemp plants for its products from farmers in its network. The raw hemp material is processed in a facility owned by one of the processors in its network. Once the products are ready, SunJoined only works with distributors in its network to get them to your hands.

The SunJoined network is not closed off to only people in the hemp industry. Anyone can become a distributor for this company and potentially earn money. SunJoined provides free marketing classes to prospective distributors and guides them on how to be profitable. You can learn more about this company by visiting